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On the Market Overview page you can find a summary of the current stock market situation: stock market indexes, current stock market trends, news and market statistics.

Based on our findings that trends are the best way to organize information coming from the markets, we developed a set of tools that let our users focus on the present market moves (with time frames ranging from 1 minute to decades).

Our trend detection and clustering algorithms provide users with a well-organized and at the same time objective and unbiased information in real-time.

In the short-term users are informed about all of the sudden market moves that can be caused by:
– expected events – such as earnings announcements and
– unexpected events – like policy changes, natural disasters or unanticipated corporate events.
In both cases they might build up enough momentum for being very profitable trading opportunities. Our technology enables you to detect and understand such moves as fast as possible.

Monitoring long-term trends enables our users to early detect medium to long-term events such as thematic changes and mega-trends (e.g. demographic and social changes, technological breakthroughs, shifts in economic power etc.). As a result investment opportunities can be spotted – medium to long-term systematic market moves.

Below we present automatically updated information about current financial market trends in all possible time horizons. This is the only webpage you will need to acquire information whether something is moving on the market and if so, what it is.


Stock Market Today

Symbol Last Chg Chg%
SPX500 2,832.76 8.66 0.31%
US30 25,314 85.23 0.34%
EUSTX50 3,416.15 9.55 0.28%
UK100 7,631.75 -12.75 -0.17%
GER30 12,374.60 25.12 0.20%
FRA40 5,415.14 9.09 0.17%
JPN225 22,252.00 199.50 0.90%
HKG33 31,032.00 139.00 0.45%
EURUSD 1.0452 0.0004 0.04%
USDJPY 117.2790 -0.0890 -0.08%
EURGBP 0.8507 -0.0004 -0.05%
USDCAD 1.3533 -0.0001 -0.01%
USDCHF 1.0261 -0.0016 -0.15%
Oil 68.10 0.72 1.06%
Gold 1,133.74 2.46 0.22%
Silver 15.72 0.02 0.10%


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