Apple publishes COVID⁠-19 Mobility Trends Reports

Michail, 16 April 2020

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Apple has joined Google in releasing a COVID⁠-⁠19 mobility data trends tool. The goal is to provide governments and health authorities with accurate reports which show the locations of Apple Maps users in 63 countries and regions. This data is then used to determine the change in the number of people walking, driving and using public transport in these locations.

Apple publishes COVID⁠-⁠19 Mobility Trends Reports

Apple notes that no data is associated with users’ Apple IDs and all sets are continuously randomized to assure strict privacy. Reports can be searched by city, region or country and will be updated with new data on a daily basis. There is also an option to download the complete data set in CSV format which includes daily changes in requests for directions from Apple Maps users.

Here’s a link to the Apple Mobility Trends Reports homepage.