5 construction industry trends to watch in 2020

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The construction industry is evolving and with it bringing some new trends that are making life easier for not only the workers but long-term for those living in the buildings

With a variety of trends becoming popular on construction sites, what are the ones to look out for?


It’s no secret that technology has advanced hugely and artificial intelligence is being used for all sorts of jobs; telemarketing, couriers and salespeople, all of whom are having workloads lightened by the development of artificial intelligence.

On construction sites, robotics in the shape of drones is becoming increasingly popular as they can survey the job site during work and help ensure that the workers are safe. Workplace accidents on construction sites have increased by 5%, but drones are helping to increase safety, accuracy and efficiency to reduce these numbers and make construction sites as safe as possible for the workers.

Drones also have an added function of being able to collect data for the construction managers to know exactly what is happening across the site at any point. Technology is developing every day, and more options are being made available which gives more contractors the chance to invest in these drones to suit all levels of the site, big or small.

Green technology

With the current global warming concerns, green technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in the construction industry which is responsible for nearly 38% of global emissions. More builders and constructors are trying to do their bit and aiming to incorporate sustainability into their projects to help reduce this percentage.

Green construction focusses on changing building projects to make them environmentally responsible and resource-efficient across each stage of projects; planning and designing, construction, maintenance and demolition. As the level of damaged and derelict buildings is very high and with the population still increasing, there isn’t an option to halt construction altogether which is why utilising green technology and building sustainably helps reduce the damage done to the environment.

Construction companies are aiming to build environmentally friendly buildings whilst also ensuring that they are sustainable and long-lasting, creating buildings that are both economically and environmentally efficient. Some popular methods to make projects green is using bricks made from recycled cigarette butts, thermally driven air conditioners and self-healing asphalt that are all expected to help reduce the global emissions from construction.

The environment is a really important issue and has been thrown into the limelight with an urgency to be as environmentally friendly as possible to try and rectify the damage that has been done in the past; going into 2020 we can expect to see plenty of green technology across construction sites and most likely across other sectors too.

Project management software

More industries are turning to project management software to keep tasks organised and projects on track. This software is becoming more sophisticated and is now able to perform a variety of tasks for a construction site from creating the blueprints to a building to managing the entire construction site.

Project management software is ideal for construction as it increases efficiency, transparency and accountability. It also contributes to making the site safer and can help keep the projects on track and senior engineers in the loop for any potential delays early on to make the job as smooth as possible. This technology is also consistently developing and improving, and there’s no doubt that 2020 will bring a new level of this software to make the construction sector run as smoothly as possible from start to finish of every project.

Exoskeleton suits

Whilst exoskeleton suits are still in development, initial models are expected to be available in early 2020 helping workers carry heavy objects easily. They are advertised as being able to reduce muscle force by up to 60%, with a strength amplification of 20 to 1, allowing very heavy objects to be moved with ease. As back injuries are prolific in the construction sector, these suits are revolutionary and will change the health and safety of this entire industry.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling is the process of creating and managing information digitally across a construction projects life-cycle. It is the digital description of absolutely every aspect of the built asset. With every aspect detailed throughout the development, design, and construction phases it allows a collaborative information sharing platform which is constantly updated at key stages.

It can also give an accurate estimation of the number of materials that will be needed to complete a project, eliminating delays from shortages and overspending, giving it an environmentally friendly edge to reducing any possible waste at the end of the project. This is sure to become even more popular in 2020 on any construction site.

Overall, there is a wide range of technology that’s expected to trend throughout 2020 within the construction site. Focusing on the environmental impact and safety of these sites, 2020 should be a positive year with all manner of new trends also coming to light.


Holly Herbert

Head of content

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