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World-Class Satellite Communication Sales and Rentals

GIT Satellite Communications is a premier online source for global customers who need to purchase satellite phone and M2M products, accessories, and services. GIT is also a leading provider of satellite phone rental options for worldwide applications.

GIT Satellite Communications provides global communication and data solutions for a wide range of customers. We provide satellite phone service and equipment to government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. military, corporations, and businesses. Our cutting-edge communication technology products include a variety of satellite phone systems, solutions, and applications. We bring years of cumulative experience in the satellite voice and data market to our clients, offering a wide selection and sophisticated customer service.


Our Products

GIT Satellite Communications offers top-quality certified products for customers who want to purchase or rent a satellite cell phone. In addition to our phones, we also offer the Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) terminal in a variety of brands and models.

GIT Satellite Communications offers a selection of satellite and mobile satellite products. We sell the very latest in Iridium, Inmarsat, and Globalstar satellite phone products and accessories. Our product lines contain a diverse array of the most respected technology in satellite communication, along with best-in-class Iridium, Globalstar, and Inmarsat service. Each of our products and services can be custom-developed to meet corporate or individual needs.

GIT Satellite Communications offers rentals for those not wishing to purchase phones, modems, and airtime service, like Iridium satellite phones and Inmarsat BGAN modems.

GIT Satellite Communications offers GIT X-Track™, a world class, Iridium Certified LBS (location based service) and tracking solution.


Our Services

Whether your company or organization is looking for an asset tracking system, machine to machine (M2M) solution, or commercial encryption, GIT Satellite Communications is your premier global provider of quality satellite technology support.

GIT Satellite Communications partners with government agencies and businesses to implement asset tracking that enables managers to monitor products, services, and transfers as part of quality control and security.

We also provide basic fleet tracking systems that ensure safe transfer or transportation, with or without SCADA system functionality. We can apply total asset visibility so that every component of an organizational structure may be monitored for the sake of planning, safety, security, and efficiency.

Practical solutions are also available, such as VSAT systems that provide satellite broadband services, as well as mobile satellite phone and remote communication applications in remote areas for maritime purposes, or in places where conventional forms of communication are unreliable or unavailable.

GIT Satellite Communications employs custom business solutions for specific internal and external communications, as well, including Iridium satellite service, Iridium data service, OrbComm, and VSAT for land mobile technology solutions.

GIT Satellite Communications home office is located in Austin, TX, with a research facility in San Diego, CA.

Contact GIT Satellite Communications by phone at +1 512 918 9502, or email for more information.