Satellite Communication

The course duration is 50 academic hours and will be delivered over 10 meetings of 5 academic hours each

This is a comprehensive and intensive course. (see the course syllabus)

The course, is presented by leading technical experts from industry and academia with many years of experience. (see Lecturers)

  • Dr. Arieh Richman – Co-Founder of Shiron Satellite (acquired by Elbit) and served as the Chief Scientist of the company, currently serving as Chief Scientist at Ayecka Communication. Arie was granted the Israel Defense Prize and has been providing courses in satellite communication for more than 15 years.
  • Oded Feder – Oded brings over 20 years of experience in satellite communications. For many years he was a consultant at Israeli leading companies such as IAI, Ministry of Communications, The second television authority, Spacecom, ELTA, and more. Oded has been teaching satellite communication courses for 20 years

About the course

Satellite communication is currently a major part of the international communications of all countries and is used mainly for the transmission of digital signals, telephony, video and mobile telephony signals worldwide.

The technologies of microwave, RF, servo, digital communication, error correction and control systems come together to sustain the field of satellite communications.

In this course there is a special emphasis on practical experience and practical solutions to current issues in digital communications via satellites.

The course provides general knowledge of the field and engineering tools for those involved in the subject.

The course covers:

Introduction to satellite communication systems, Satellite Routes, the satellite link, Link budget, Multiplexing and access modulation, Multiplexing and access modulation, Ground stations, Coordination and registration of satellites, Management and operation of satellite systems, Modern satellite communication standards, LEO communication satellites