Are Satellite Communications Possible Indoors?

You may hear that satellite phones cannot be used indoors. It is true that satellite phones rely on a clear view of the sky, as they require line-of-sight to a satellite on their network in order to have a signal. Not even using one next to a window will be effective. So, what if you can’t necessarily be outside? Maybe you need to use a satellite phone while inside your car, boat, or aircraft. For the purposes of satellite phone functionality, these all count as “indoors” and have a negative effect on your ability to get a signal. So what do you do? Are you out of luck?

The simple answer is no. You can get around the need to use the satellite phone strictly outdoors by installing an antenna on the outside of your vehicle or building. Outfitter Satellite carries the equipment you need for this purpose.


In-Building Satellite Phones

Some locations simply cannot afford to ever be unable to communicate, such as hospitals, power plants, and other vital infrastructure. Or maybe you just want to be able to connect from home, without needing to go outside. Outfitter satellite offers several options for in-building satellite phone antenna setup, so you need never worry about being out of touch again.


Satellite Communications for your Car

Outfitter Satellite has the equipment you need for satellite phone usage in your vehicle as well. Despite today’s focus on urban life, there are still many reasons a person may need to drive great distances in less-than-ideal landscape, whether for work or play. With a satellite antenna for your vehicle, you can enjoy voice communications and even broadband internet while on the move, from inside your car.


Marine Satellite Communications

It’s hard to think of a place more likely to have you in need of a satellite phone than the open ocean, as staying in touch is critical out there. Thankfully Outfitter Satellite carries a complete line of options for marine satellite connections, including mast antennas and even broadband solutions.


Satellite Communications for Aircraft

For the pilots among us, it’s reassuring to know that even while in the air, it’s still possible to make a call over a satellite network as long as you have installed the proper equipment. Outfitter Satellite stocks everything a pilot needs to outfit their aircraft with satellite communications including specialized antennas just for aircraft.


More Information

Now that you are more familiar with the options available for you to outfit your building or vehicle with satellite phone and broadband communications, you may be considering a purchase or have more questions. We welcome you to contact us so we can help you make a decision on this life-saving technology.