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Complete List of Trends in This IndustryConsulting in Emerging Nations/The Offshoring of Consulting ProjectsManagement Consulting and Consulting to Major CorporationsConsulting to Governments/U.S. Federal and State Consulting ContractsFederal Government Consulting Is Curtailed in Some Agencies as Part of Budget Austerity and Defense CutbacksIT Consulting/Software Consulting/ Computer Operations ConsultingTrends in Manufacturing, such as Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs), Lead to Collaboration and Consulting-Like ServicesConsulting Firms Accept Assignments with Contingency FeesConsulting Firms Acquire Digital Advertising Agencies, Extending Their Marketing ServicesAccounting Firms Taking Large Market Share of Consulting ContractsMany Industry Sectors Seek Consulting and Outsourcing Income, Competing with Pure ConsultanciesMajor Corporations and Organizations Develop Internal Consultants and Seek Outside ClientsCorporate Clients Want Solid Returns on IT InvestmentsConsultancies Position Themselves to Serve Global Markets and Multinational CorporationsOffshoring to India Drives Changes in the Global Consulting IndustryBPO and KPO: White-Collar and Professional Tasks Such as Law and Accounting Are OffshoredNew MBAs Desire Consulting and Accounting Jobs

¹ Video Tip For our brief video introduction to the consulting industry, see   Global consulting industry revenues (including HR, IT, strategy, operations, management and business advisory services) will be about $449 billion in 2015, according to Plunkett Research estimates. This represents reasonable growth from $415 billion during the previous year.  In the U.S., consulting of all types, including management, scientific and technical, generated $191.4 billion during 2014, up from $180.0 billion the previous year. Accounting and related services (such as tax return preparation) generated an additional $152.0 billion in 2014, up from about $136.5 billion during 2013, according to the…

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