Google Drive’s New Privacy Screen Locks App Behind Face ID

Google is rolling out a new “Privacy Screen” feature this week that will allow Google Drive users on iOS devices to use passcodes or biometric authentication to protect their files.

Google privacy screenGoogle privacy screen

Privacy Screen will use Face ID, Touch ID or a passcode to lock the app — only bringing documents and files into view when the app verifies you are using it.

The feature is activated each time you close the Drive app and reopen it and also locks files if you switch between Google Drive and another app, according to a Google spokesperson. You’ll have the option to turn this feature on and adjust its timing in Drive settings. 

“Sometimes you might want a little more privacy for documents stored on your phone,” the spokesperson told Digital Trends. “You might share devices with family or loved ones more often if you’re working from home.”

Correction: An earlier version of this story misidentified the scope of the feature. Privacy Screen locks the entire Google Drive app.

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