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Which Mobile Satellite Internet Antenna is right for you?

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Mobil Satellite Technologies DataSat845

Mobil Sat

AVL 1078 VSAT antenna

AVL Technologies

Winegard DS840



iNetVu 1200 auto-deploy satellite antenna system

iNetVu by C-Com

Still not sure which Mobile Satellite Internet Antenna is right for you?

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Enterprise satellite Internet antennas

We do offer many different brands and models of Public-Safety,enterprise grade automatic satellite Internet antennas.

Deciding which antenna is right for enterprise and public-safety applications starts with understanding the amount of throughput that you will need to run all of your applications.

Once we understand the amount of throughput needed we can help you select from one of our 96 different satellite Internet service plans. Once you have selected a plan, we will then know what size antenna is necessary to achieve that amount of data througput (Kbps) with 99+% reliability.

More about our AVL Enterprise satellite Internet antennas

mobile command

Consumer satellite Internet antenna

Mobil Satellite Technologies has developed and introduced a low-cost, automatic satellite Internet antenna designed specifically for consumer use. This consumer antenna provides fully automatic operation and robust satellite broadband at a very affordable price.

The RVDataSat840 antenna has .84 meters of dish surface area, it operates with the press of a single button inside the vehicle and deploys within just a few minutes. More about consumer satellite Internet systems…


Who uses Mobile Satellite Internet?

RV Owners

Mobile Internet systems are used both by weekend and full-time RV’rs who want and need to maintain reliable Internet connectivity while on the road. Unlike cellular, satellite has no “dead spots”, or areas where there is no coverage. As long as you have a clear line of sight to the Southern sky you can depend on satellite to deliver you broadband Internet right into your RV. Campground and resort WiFi is notoriously unreliable, both because of terrain and because they are normally heavily over-subscribed. If you want a connection to the Internet that you can rely on, bringing your own mobile satellite broadband with you on the road is essential.


Government Agencies

Emergency Communications

Mobile command posts rely heavily on satellite communications to bring vouice, data, and video to and from the scene of larger-scale emergencies or events. Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes, floods, aircraft incidents, biological or radiological events, and acts of civil disobenience or protest all require First Responders and Emergency Managers have full communications capability and access to outside information and resources without delay, many times lives can be on the line and there is simply no time for on-site emergency managers to manually point a satellite antenna.

Race Teams

Race team support personnel need reliable Internet connectivity at the race track, and most of the time the fans in the grandstands are using all of the available cellular connectivity, rendering cellular modems and air cards almost useless to race teams. Drivers want fast Internet in their private coaches, and team managers want fast Internet in the pit boxes. Automatic satellite Internet systems deliver this in just minnutes at any track or location. Vendors at these events also need Internet connectivity to process credit card transactions for the sale of food, beverages, and souvenier merchandise.

Racing Teams


Disaster Recovery

After a catastrophic event, insurance company CAT (catastrophy) teams deploy immediately to the affected areas, setting up temporary claims offices to make it easier for their customers to start their insurance claim processing as quickly as possible. Satellite sommunications allow these mobile claims centers reliable access to claims software and other resources at their home office necessary to provide prompt claims services to their customers.


Many banks maintain mobile bank branches for deployment to major sporting events or natural disaster areas, providing ATM machine access and other bank services,. Mobile bank branches can temporarily replace a branch office that has been damaged, or replace a bank branch that has to close for a schedled remodeling. With a mobile satellite antenna, simply park the mobile bank branch and deploy the antenna to join the bank’s secure private network and function just like a fixed bank branch within just a few minutes.

Mobile Banking


Mobile Health Clinic

Mobile health clinics can be deployed out into the community to provide basic health services in areas that may be underserved by traditional resources. Mobile mammography clinics, mobile dental clinics, and mobile field hospitals all use satellite communications to connect to hospitals computer networks to access patient records, uploading medical data, and perform any other function that a fixed clinic could. Automatic satellite systems allow the focus to be on patient care, and not technology.


For events like national political conventions, races, and other sporting competitions there is a big demand for the capability to stream video from locations where adequate bandwidth is not available using the existing local infrastructure. Satellite news trucks use large satellite antennas to stream high-definition, broadcast quality video, although lately the trend in this industry has been toward the use of multiple smaller and more portable satellite Internet upload systems to increase uplink capabilities while lowering vehicle/hardware costs.

Broadcast Teams