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Google Flu Trends and Google Dengue Trends are no longer publishing current estimates of Flu and Dengue fever based on search patterns. The historic estimates produced by Google Flu Trends and Google Dengue Trends are available below. It is still early days for nowcasting and similar tools for understanding the spread of diseases like flu and dengue – we’re excited to see what comes next. Academic research groups interested in working with us should fill out this form.


The Google Flu and Dengue Trends Team.

Google Flu Trends Data:

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Flu Trends model updates for the United States

The model was launched in 2008 and updated in 2009, 2013, and 2014. The above data file for the United States contains 2009-model estimates up until July 2013; 2013-model estimates from Aug. 2013 to July 2014; and 2014-model estimates from Aug. 2014 onwards. For research purposes, we provide the estimates that the models produce when applied to historical data:

Google Dengue Trends data