Viasat Nomadic Satellite Services – Expedition Communications

Viasat Nomadic Satellite Services Delivered by Expedition Communications

Empower the way your remote workers communicate with Viasat nomadic satellite services delivered by Expedition Communications. Rapid deployment systems are perfect for first responders, healthcare, public safety, and other types of remote workers. By leveraging Viasat’s high-capacity Ka-band satellite system you give your remote workers a fast internet connection and the ability to work more efficiently. Whether in the heart of a major city or beyond on-land communications, Viasat’s managed service delivers more information quicker while remaining cost efficient with the industry’s most affordable satellite bandwidth.

Viasat’s high-speed satellite service delivers IP access instantly regardless of local infrastructure or location. Additionally, it has the power and flexibility to either support a single user or a large network of remote employees in the field. Nomadic satellite services communication links can be set up anywhere making it the perfect choice compared to other services like legacy satellite, microwave, and terrestrial services.

  • Nationwide U.S. coverage with the fastest IP access to anywhere
  • Delivers up to 18 Mbps downstream and 5 Mbps upstream
  • Customized plans scaled to meet your enterprise business needs
  • Pre-paid plans to secure a specific amount of data
  • Pay-as-you-go plans for greater flexibility