Addressing the Challenges of Satellite Communication

Originally published by Soneshwar Singh on January 16th 2019

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It is the era of the global information society, which is primarily centered on strong global information infrastructure. Nations across the world are encouraging the development of info-communications technologies. In fact, a strong online presence backed by uninterrupted communication channel can be significant for global development and economy. A 10% increase in broadband penetration can increase the GDP growth rate by 1.21% in the developed countries and 1.38 in the developing countries.

Satellite Communication — A Revolutionizing Communication Method

Satellites communication has certainly transformed the way people interacted with each other globally. By providing a strong voice and communication access to people around the world, it has helped in eliminating physical boundaries and developing a massive global information society. According to the recent IDC study, the cost of IoT solution will grow to USD 7.1 Trillion by the year 2020. However, there are still places, especially remote areas across the globe that are inaccessible to voice and internet communication. According to a report, only 40% of the world population has access to the internet. Satellite communication possess the potential to solve the accessibility issue if it effectively addresses some challenges that have been hindering its growth and adoption

The Critical Setbacks of Present Satellite Communication Structure:-

Below are the few critical challenges of satellite communication:-

High Cost

From developing a device to obtaining a connection, satellite communication is an expensive phenomenon. Moreover, as satellite technologies grow more complex, the prices of satellite communication services are also expected to rise. So, it becomes difficult for developing countries to afford such high-price communication method.

Propagation Delay

Propagation delay implies the time it takes for a satellite to communicate with Earth. Depending on the distance between satellite and recipient site, this delay can vary significantly. Furthermore, this delay can also cause an echo over the telephone connections.

Slow Speed

Presently when internet experience is highly focused on faster upload and download speed, satellite communication can be somewhat disappointing on that front. The current average speed of satellite is approximately 1Mbps, which is also often hampered by noise and interferences.

International Sky Group — Facilitating Right Solutions

International Sky Group (ISG) is a unique project that aims to overcome the above-mentioned challenges of satellite communication and allow people to have better access to voice and internet services in a seamless and cost-effective manner. The network has developed an effective ‘Satellite Communication System’ that is capable of functioning together as well individually with the existing telecommunication network. The system is also based on a low-orbit communication satellite constellation that enables high-speed information transfer to the users around the world. ISG uses 98 satellites available on the low Earth orbit which creates a possibility to offer 100% coverage of the information surface, thereby significantly reducing the costs and increasing the accessibility of satellite communication services.

Augmenting the Potential of Satellite Communication

Satellite Communication evidently holds a lot of potential to boost communication realm. The aforementioned challenges are key factors that are impacting its growth and adoption among common masses. However, International Sky Group is a platform that has effectively addressed the challenges and offered solutions to make satellite communication more efficient, reliable, and secure for people worldwide.

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Adapt, Learn and Grow is my go-to strategy. Growing in blockchain field now.



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