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From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, technology is transforming the Property & Casualty insurance and collision repair ecosystem. Whether your area of focus is collision claims, collision repair, first or third party casualty, workers’ compensation or pharmacy, mPower by Mitchell is your source for information and expert opinions on the latest technology and business trends.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues worldwide, our daily lives have changed significantly. Due to new governmental regulations and guidelines to help curb the spread of the virus, many people are working from home, practicing social distancing…

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First Party Auto Casualty Third Party Liability Workers’ Compensation

As ADAS system components increasingly become standard on newer vehicles, running an efficient glass business while ensuring proper and safe glass repair is increasingly challenging. Glass installers need the best available tools to help streamline…

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Auto Physical Damage Report

Today’s customers have high expectations. From ordering coffee to online banking, they experience personalized, on-demand service from the businesses they interact with, and they expect the same from their insurers. How can insurance claims…

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Business Trends Collision Claims

As response to the COVID-19 pandemic shifts into new phases—parts of the United States are reopening and businesses and many states are considering how to get people back to work—scientists continue to research potential medications that could be…

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Pharmacy Solutions Workers’ Compensation

Join us for our annual customer gathering, the 2020 mPower Conference. This event is an opportunity for us to collaborate, share what we’re seeing in the industry, discuss emerging technologies and trends, and spark new ideas for how we might…

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“Augmented reality and artificial intelligence both have valuable applications in the broad P&C claims ecosystem today, but we’re a long way from realizing their full potential. I am looking forward to seeing the future unfold.”

—Alex Sun, President and CEO, Mitchell

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