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What We Do

SkyBase Communications provides advanced satellite-based communications solutions for emergencies and continuity of operations when all other means of communication fail.

How it Works

Communications (voice, data & visual) is provided to our subscribers through a direct satellite link, thereby bypassing ground-based communications systems that are usually the first to go in a disaster. SkyBase Systems range from simple hand-held satellite phones to area-wide phone and data systems that can serve a wide area such as disaster relief base camps, logistics supply areas and Headquarters/Emergency Operations Centers.

Why Choose Us

SkyBase is uniquely qualified to support critical response agencies and businesses. Our core team has years of experience in disaster response communications. We are based in hurricane-prone Florida and our systems have been tested many times.  We are able to use this experience to better assist our customers in choosing and deploying the proper equipment. SkyBase has been chosen to supply satellite communications systems to NASA, FEMA, The State of Florida Department of Emergency Management, The City of Jacksonville, The State of Connecticut Offices of Homeland Security and Public Health and numerous others. The SkyBase Custom Integration Solutions team has been chosen to provide custom systems for other satellite companies around the US that provide communications to a vast number of Federal, State, and local customers. Let our experienced team assist you in developing the back-up communications system you need.

SkyBase is a proud dealer for the following:NAGC
CCR Registered Vendor