Communication Satellites

Satellites are very important to our daily lives and we don’t even realise it.“A satellite is a moon, planet or machine that orbits a planet or star” (NASA).A satellite is launched into space by a rocket and once its speed is balanced by Earth’s gravitational force, it starts orbiting. Different satellites orbit at different speeds, height and path depending on its purpose. The two main types of satellite orbits aregeostationaryandpolar.
A geostationary satellite orbits the Earth at the same speed as the Earth spinning on its axis meaning that from Earth, the satellite would in the same position. It orbits from west to east. 
A polar satellites orbits the Earth from North to South around the Earth. 

A communication satellite is basically a satellite that allows the transmission of television, radio and telephone signals over long distances. Satellites allows us to watch television, make in-flight phone calls, use GPS, monitor the climate, listen to the radio and many more. We will be only looking at a few in detail. 


The two main types of satellite orbits are geostationary and polar.