Government Satellite Communication Solutions | Eutelsat

Secure national and international government networks, natural disaster relief management, special operations and nation-building all require easily-deployable, dependable, secure, flexible and affordable communications.

Eutelsat’s global satellite network can make the difference, supported by our extensive ground assets and dedicated team for the global government sector: Eutelsat Global Government Services.

As a pioneer in space for over 40 years, 39 satellites giving you global coverage and a solid investment programme for the future, we stand at the heart of the world’s satellite digital ecosystem.

Our longstanding experience in serving government markets has expanded from working with companies providing services to US government departments, to providing solutions for government service providers and providers of disaster recovery and humanitarian communications worldwide.

Whether you face challenges of remote connectivity, security, assurance, resilience or agility, we can tailor solutions specifically for you.


Supporting your needs, from temporary capacity to full satellite solutions

Our solid history of innovation, including the first European satellite operator to deploy an HTS Ka-band satellite, and the first commercial satellite operator to offer a software-defined payload, has helped our customers optimise their operations.

We are a trusted partner on joint satellite programmes and hosted payloads, chosen for example by Raytheon for the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on the EUTELSAT 117 West B satellite and by ESA for the EDRS (European Data Relay Payload) on EUTELSAT 9B. And when the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology in Afghanistan needed to accelerate access to satellite infrastructure for digital services, we deployed an in-orbit satellite to deliver full national coverage. Rebranded AFGHANSAT 1, the satellite supports ICT and broadcast services to Afghans, especially in underserved and unserved areas.

With fully scalable solutions we can support any requirement, from temporary on-demand capacity, to complementing existing coverages, end-to-end services, hosted payloads, and full satellite solutions.


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