Satellite Tracking Software

Satellite Tracking Software


Satellite Tracking Software
Real Time Tracking
of an
Unlimited Number of Satellites

Fast, Accurate, and Easy to Use

7-12-2017  Nova for Windows is now available free of charge.  You may use the following registration code:

Download the main installation package from here.  If you are using Windows 7 or later, you should also download and install the patch from here.

Support for Nova is no longer available.

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Nova for Windows has become the most popular Windows-based satellite tracking program in the world.  In use by NASA, the U.S. Air Force, industry, and thousands of amateur radio operators, Nova sets the standard for excellence.

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Nova includes realistic maps that are shaded to show vegetation, topography, and ocean bathymetry.  Satellite positions are shown with accompanying ground tracks, orbital paths, and star background.

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Updating Keplerian elements is a breeze.  You can drag-and-drop a file onto Nova or use its built-in Internet download function to download new elements with a single mouse click. 

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for scientific and engineering applications.
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Two different companies on the Web have the name “Northern Lights Software.”
Click here for the other one, with Grant Manager Software.

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