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CompuSat Control and Automation Systems provides the industry’s leading solutions for automation in the television broadcast industry. Our customer list includes most of the major players in all of the major markets in the United States and around the world. Image Communications, maker of CompuSat, has been the premier provider of broadcast satellite control and automation systems since 1990.

CompuSat features a simple and intuitive user interface for controlling satellite antennas, satellite receivers, record devices, video & audio routers, L-Band routers, uplink equipment, switches, and other equipment.

CompuSat provides a complete satellite database containing satellite names, satellite formats, transponder names and complete tuning parameters for analog and digital channels. Image Communications provides updates, keeping your satellite data up to date with the latest changes.

CompuSat includes an advanced automated scheduling system, remote control of unmanned stations, and compatibility with all of your devices.

CompuSat software allows station automation systems to interface with CompuSat.


Join the hundreds of broadcasters and television stations around the country and around the world who are using CompuSat to automate their satellite operations.



What Our Customers Say:

Running the satellite systems here would not have been possible without your program! Your software is some of the best software I have used over the last 30 years. Your friendship has been some of the fondest memories from the years at KGO. I know that as long as I have to deal with sattalites I can count on Compusat and it’s creator. Thank you Andy for all the help you gave me no matter the time day or night. All the happiness and success to you and your family.

Felice Gandolfo

Well, I will say that I’ve used a lot of software in my broadcast career, and yours is THE most reliable of any them. I think we’ve had it for three years now, and can’t remember a time that it has crashed or even missed a feed! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy knowing I don’t have to worry about it, especially when everything else is tanking.

Bill Rood

I wish every software based system that we have worked as well as your stuff.  It’s just like a Timex – it keeps on ticking!

Richard Markey

I must say, the more I use this, the more impressed I am with it. You literally seem to have thought of EVERYTHING. You can’t see me right now, but I am giving you a standing ovation!

Bill Rood

I am totally impressed with both your software and the smooth way updates happen.  Documentation is great and the interface intuitive.  Very well written and professional.  Does what it says it will do and flawlessly.  SO rare these days.  Kudos.

John Allgaier

Great seeing you once again. Many thanks for stopping by to help us out on your “VACATION”. As always your Support and service you provide to your customers is second to none. I don’t know how any broadcaster could get along without having Compusat in place.

George Nakamoto

“This was the best purchase I have made in my broadcast career. It just works and you are there to fix any issues. I would recomend your product to anyone I know in this business. I have had to use all sorts and this is by far the best.”

Daniel Somes

“Everyone loves your system. It has really cut down on errors and missed feeds and none of the operators have to worry about being in two places at once trying to set up feeds at the last second.”

Jim Steffy

“…This  marks my 36th year at KOMO. It’s been a long an interesting career.
One of the notable highlights has been working with you and your outstanding software product. Of all the exotic electronic systems that went into the Fisher Plaza design and construction none can can match the functionality and reliability of the Compusat product….keep up the good work.”

Jack Barnes

“Our Compusat system is working very well and is easy to use- and I’m not easily impressed!”

Gary Gordon

“If I haven’t said it before, I absolutely love your product. I don’t say that about anything else that we’ve purchased since I’ve worked here. Your stuff just works, it’s easy to use, and it was written by someone who actually understands what we’re trying to do here. Not someone with blue spikey hair that got laid off from a doomed dot-com that thinks he can write code. You know what you are doing and it shows!

Thanks again”

Dick Trumbo

“Thanks for your great software.”

Scott Chestnut

Once again, thanks for all the great work fixing our system.  In a sometimes world of less than good service, you are Superman.

John Shine

Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!

You should know how much this program (CompuSat) has improved the operation of our facility. The folks in New York have come to rely on us for feeds that they cannot get for various reasons, not the least of which is the time factor needed to acquire a digital signal for which they do not have the configuration data. We are agile, fexible and accurate, they really love that! We do so much more now, accurately, and on time. This was not always the case in the past.

I speak for the operators here, who have, on numerous occasions, pointed out this program is the biggest improvement in this area in a long time. I am very pelased with its robust nature. I have seen it take a beating and keep on ticking.


Thanks for your product.  I am still absolutely amazed at the intuitiveness and easiness in which I can get things done with this thing.  Well worth every penny…

Jamey Clapp

The module installation was straight-forward.  Your online instruction manual  leads one right through the steps.

Thanks again for a great system!

Larry Parterfield

This was one of my most enjoyable installs.  You are unflappable and rolled with the punches.  Have a wonderful time in San Diego.

Jay Nix

The digital transponder PDF looks like it will be very useful to us in receiving occasional feeds, so I want to thank you for supplying it to us.  It gives me a good feeling knowing you are working hard at providing a useful product for the customer.


Don Eccles
COX San Diego

Thanks Andy for a great product and service. . .

Jay Darden

Thanks again for the upgrade, your program, as always has my highest confidence. 

Chis Layne

Thanks again for both your great product and your great support.

Mike Lambert

I just did two back to back uplinks, and I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was. No more grimy uplink loft, no more dialing up a gazillion parameters, no more trying to hear over the noise.  Your system works beautifully.

Jackie Alach


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