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April 6/7 2020Virtual event via Zoom

A physical conference at a time of restrictions on assembly, travel bans, social distancing and work from home mandates is impossible.

BUT IT’S ALSO IMPORTANT that as an industry we do not shut down for business and send wider signals of pessimism to a nervous economy.

It is incumbent upon us to promote confidence. And the industry also needs to talk about its response to COVID-19 in its role as an essential input into society and the economy.

As a consequence of this, CommsDay Summit we will proceed with the following two-pronged strategy:

1: To promote industry confidence, we will proceed with a virtual online only conference on April 6 and 7 with the same speakers, and the same agenda.. speaking not to a hotel auditorium, but to a video camera and an online stream. This enables industry to maintain the timeliness of messages they planned to impart in the here and now to the same audience.

2: To preserve the benefits of the event, we will postpone the CommsDay Summit’s actual physical conference and annual Edisons awards (grandfathering all finalists) until October 12/13 at the Fullerton by which time authorities expect the public health emergency will pass. We will come back to you later on full details about this event.

It means that with your existing registration you will have full access to two events: a virtualised CommsDay Summit with the advertised agenda via a video link on April 6 and 7, and a postponed, physical CommsDay Summit on October 12/13 at the Fullerton.

Registered delegates can watch at watch at At this stage, we are also planning to archive the event for later viewing by registered delegates. If you are the contact for a larger group of delegates in your workplace, please share this with them.

Our key speakers, including the Communications Minister and the leading telcos, have welcomed this virtual approach and our commitment to industry business continuity. We appreciate the support of our speakers and sponsors in helping us make this happen.

Then in coming months, we will refashion a fresh and updated agenda for the October 12/13 physical incarnation of the event. And we look forward to seeing you there.

One registration. Two events.

A balance between public mandates and industry continuity.

registeragenda12 Oct, 2020Fullerton Hotel Sydney

Nominations are have closed for the 4th annual Edison awards, to be announced at the CommsDay Summit annual dinner on 12 October 2020.

The Edisons will be awarded for the following categories:

  1. Best telecom marketing initiative;
  2. Best telecom law firm;
  3. Best cloud provider;
  4. Best telecom network vendor;
  5. Best fixed wireless operator;
  6. Best virtual network operator;
  7. Best IoT/M2M company;
  8. Best satellite company;
  9. Best fixed broadband provider;
  10. Best mobile network operator;

We will also be inducting new members of the CommsDay Hall of Fame (previous inductees include Ziggy Switkowski, Bill Morrow, Bevan Slattery, James Spenceley, Michael Malone and Phil Britt). Anyone can nominate anyone. Nominations will be considered by an eminent panel of judges.

Finalists26/27 Oct 2020Fullerton Hotel

Talk Satellite and CommsDay will once again convene the highly successful Australasia Satellite Forum 2020. A true gathering of world and domestic satellite leaders who will converge on Sydney for this TWO Full Day event at the Fullerton (formerly Westin) Hotel, Sydney, Australia ion October 26/27 2020. The Australasia Satellite Forum, provides a uniquely inclusive forum to address issues of urgent concern to governments, military, telecom operators / broadcasters / enterprises, and end user entities. This event has been postponed due to the COVID-19 event but will proceed on the new date in the interests of industry continuity and economic confidence.