Sat 2200 Satellite Communications System

Ensuring seamless voice and data communications

Pilot looking out the window of a cockpitThe Satellite Communications System continues communications during all flight phases – without pilot intervention – with the Collins Aerospace ARINC 781 SAT-2200. When voice and data are mission critical, our Satcom system ensures you are seen and heard for increased situational awareness. The SAT-2200 combines HPA, satellite data unit, RFU and HST all in a decreased size, weight and power as compared to previous Satcoms.

It is designed to automatically switch between satellites and spot beams based on the Owner Requirements Table as defined in ARINC 781. These preferences would typically give first priority to voice and data safety services and second priority to SwiftBroadband services, with the ability to fall back to Swift64 in the event of a SwiftBroadband outage. The system is compliant with the latest industry standard for Inmarsat SATCOM capability for classic Aeronautical, Swift64 and SwiftBroadband operation.

Key elements of the Collins ARINC 781 SATCOM system include: the SDU-2200 satellite data unit (SDU); the SDU configuration module; and the external flange mounted power amplifier.

Satcom display