Military Mobile (wireless) Communications



Mobile Communications
For the military to fully realize the “Digitized Battlefield,” the future battle space will require that human-operated, autonomous, and semi-autonomous ground, air/sea platforms and sensors all be interconnected. This will require an unprecedented level of integration, cooperation and automation between these assets. Autonomous and semi-autonomous robotic tactical platforms will reduce the need for direct human armed combat. Physical agents, such as robotic weapon platforms, will be ubiquitous in the future battlefield, significantly lowering the risks to our Warfighters. These physical agents are to complement future manned systems, and therefore they must be able to collaborate not only amongst themselves, but also with their manned partners through networked wireless communications.

All of these networked nodes have roles that range from scouting missions performing reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition to urban rescue missions. Integrated, multi-agent combat systems will facilitate increased mobility; survivability, sensor coverage and information flow through these ad-hoc mobile networks on the ground or in the air. These autonomous agents need to be connected over secure and reliable wireless networks with the ability to form ad-hoc networks.

Communications between autonomous vehicles, aircraft and ground troops in a combat theater setting.

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