Satellite Communications Trailers |

Satellite Communication Trailers are primarily set up for low traffic Mobile Broadband services in blackspot locations requiring temporary coverage.

The Satellite Trailer is made using a fully engineered galvanised skid base coupled with stabilizer outriggers for ground stability, IP Rated outdoor cabinet enclosures for equipment, Hurry Up 8m Extendable Mast, provision for a 2.4m Satellite Dish, Grid mesh deck and scope for other components to be incorporated as the need arises.

Currently, the ICS Satellite Trailer is used by telecommunication service providers, mining, oil and gas companies and government organisations, however, the flexibility of this unit can be adapted to suit many other applications.

Easy operational satellite dish

20RU twin skin air-conditioned cabinet

Fully engineered trailer base frame

Hurry-up lockable pneumatic mast 8m

Electronic & emergency braking system

Road registrable trailer

Will-Burt Mast

Hurry-up mast 8-12m.

20RU Cabinet

Two door twin skin construction.

Trailer Hitch

Various hitch types available.

Satellite TrailerSatellite Dish

Provision for up to 2.4m dish.

Mains Inlet

Plug for mains power.


Extendable outriggers.

Custom design and construction available


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