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At Safecity we know what customers value the most in satellite phone providers is their level of product knowledge and honesty.  Safecity’s motto “expert and honest advice” remains the same.  We remain as committed as ever to placing our commercial interests second and our customer’s best interests first.

Expertise and integrity are the qualities that have allowed us to win over government, law enforcement, military and major corporate satellite communication clients.   Thousands of long-term satellite mobile phone connections tell us that we are doing something right.

Another reason why you should trust us with your satellite communication requirements is that we sincerely care about our customers.  We make time for our clients before the sale by asking pertinent questions that are essential to securing the most appropriate and best satellite phone plans.  Most importantly, we also make time for them after the sale is over.


Satellite Phones Australia securing the best satellite phone plans 

As an independent Australian satellite communication provider we are able to shop around on your behalf and secure the best satellite phone plans and packages.  For example, we can attract the cheapest possible price for a sat phone from one of our regional distributors; and then connect that phone to any of the ten satellite service providers in a package that best suits your needs and your budget.

So whether you are shopping for Iridium Satellite Phones, Iridium Satellite Phone Plans, the excellent range of Pivotel satellite communicators, or anything else satellite you can rely on us to connect you with the best satellite phone for Australia and the most reliable and trustworthy satellite service provider.


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If you are looking for a specific product use the menu bar at the top of this page or the search box in the footer.  To obtain the best results uses specific key phrases such as “Prepaid satellite phones Australia”.


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