Customer Stories | MTN Satellite Communications


  • Stable over satellite connections
  • Up to 60 percent bandwidth savings
  • Over $350K in savings

MTN Satellite Communications provides Internet connectivity to some of the world’s leading cruise lines. To meet the growing demand for connectivity at sea, MTN had to overcome the high cost of satellite broadband connections, and the fact that most homes have more bandwidth going to them than a single cruise ship with over 3,000 guests. They needed a miracle. So they turned to Riverbed.

MTN decided to deploy Steelheads on a few ships as a test case, and those Steelheads were so simple to install that onboard, non-IT staff were able to accomplish it on their own. MTN customers saw an immediate 50-60 percent savings on available onboard bandwidth, which translated to improved end-user satisfaction, increased customer revenue, and a reduced overall cost of doing business. To date MTN has installed Steelheads in over 100 cruise ships, and that number is growing.


Increase bandwidth aboard cruise ships