The 2020 Trends We’ll Be Wearing on Repeat

Ever the diligent fashion pupils, we’ve been studying up on 2020 trends since they walked the runway in September. We’ve never been more ready to show off all our hard work — and share it with all of you. On that note, we’re gearing up for the new year and the new dress code with a brief tutorial on the nine major trends you’re about to see all over.

Some have been quietly percolating, while others are a total refresh. They range from the sexy to the sophisticated, and often, a little bit of both. In fact, they’re all open to your interpretation and how you wear them. From bra tops and blazers to all-leather-everything, this is the lineup we’ll be relying on to keep things interesting, switch up our styling, and usher in a new decade. Herein, the top nine trends of a brand-new year.