AOC parodied on Steve Carell’s new Netflix show ‘Space Force’

AOC is getting time on the small screen.

Netflix’s new comedy “Space Force,” which premiered Friday, spoofs the New York City congresswoman.

On the show, a bumbling member of the Air Force (played by Steve Carell) struggles while running the newest branch of the military, the Space Force. The show’s Astro-bureau was started at the urging of the unnamed president on his Twitter feed. President Trump created the real-life Space Force in 2019.

The real-world comparisons don’t stop there. High-powered members of congress named Shugler and Petosi, clear riffs on Senator Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, control the Space Force’s budget.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s counterpart is named Representative Anabela Ysidro-Campos, who hails from New York. She’s introduced as the youngest member of the military-spending committee which Carell’s character, General Naird, is testifying to.

Ysidro-Campos talks with her hands and wears a red suit. “I want to tell my constituents on food stamps why your agency needs a $10,000 orange?” she asks, grilling Naird.

The New Yorker is played by Ginger Gonzaga.

“Hi @AOC I play aYc on @realspaceforce on @Netflix, a show made by kind, smart people like you!,” the actress wrote to the congresswoman on Twitter.

“It’s an honor to play even a satirical version of you, & if you see it, I hope it makes you giggle. Grateful 4 this excuse to say thanks 4 all your work…especially now. #bffs?”