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Providing next generation communications systems for Public Safety and Enterprise.

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COW, COLT, and pCom Platforms

Satellite Continuity

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Leaders in reliable iDirect and SCPC VSat network services, next-generation pCom communications trailers and LTE/FirstNet Public Safety communications platforms.

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Trailer & Vehicle Platforms

Squire Tech has been building the most robust and stable mobile satellite internet trailers on the market for over a decade.  When other custom or discount trailers rust, break, let water in, leak air out or create an unsafe environment to operate, we continue to advance our already world leading designs.  pCom provides an immediately deployable communications platform for your tough, self-contained communications infrastructure.  The pCom platforms are designed for legacy Land Mobile Radio, FirstNet, LTE and other future growth equipment.  pCom’s are long term asset for critical response and daily operating needs

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Business Continuity

Broadband Satellite Backup and remote operations is essential.  If you can’t connect, you can’t operate.  Squire Tech’s business and continuity services provides primary and backup data, phone and SCADA service over a global satellite network.  Whether running a 911 center, hospital, or even corporate VPN to your utility operations center, Squire Tech can help your business continue to operate seamlessly.

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Mobile Responder

Single button with a simple user interface, the Mobile Responder satellite communications packages offer immediate deploy mobile operations for FirstNet, Public Safety and Enterprise vehicles. Squire Tech Solutions’ Mobile Response Communications packages integrate with your existing communications systems to ensure connectivity where and when you need it.

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ATF Emergency Response Mobile Command Unit Satellite Communications

Our Satellite Service Plans

High speed VSAT Satellite Communication Service packages and platforms for the real world. Because good enough…isn’t.

We know that Business Connections are vital to the success of any business; both for domestic and international critical communications. That is why we offer our Fixed VSAT satellite communication systems for fast connectivity that’s always ready.

We understand that it can be very costly for a business to lose internet connectivity for critical communications. This is the reason we offer reliable VSAT satellite disaster recovery services to keep your business up and running at all times.

Our mobile VSAT satellite antenna systems provide dependable, industrial grade satellite internet communications wherever you need it.  These systems are easy to use and built for tough environments where communications are critical.

We are standing by and ready to discuss your connectivity needs. Contact us today for a free consultation and quotation.

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