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Satellite Communications

Transmission installations, antenna farms and their connecting leads are regarded as radiation sources.

System Qualification – Measurement Tasks

Very low field strengths are usually expected in areas surrounding terrestrial stations. The measurement technology and also the corresponding probe should therefore feature excellent sensitivity.

Frequency range

Military installations 8…9 GHz, 43.5….45.5 GHz

Satellite installations 4…6 GHz, 11 …14 GHz

Detection of Leaks – Measurement Tasks

Waveguides and rotating couplings are subject to wear and aging and should therefore be checked regularly. Defects may cause extremely high field strengths. This requires sensors that are virtually indestructible.

Frequency range

1 GHz….40 GHz

Recommended Equipment

Broadband : NBM 550 or NBM 520,

– Probe : EF5091

RF Monitors : Nardalert S3 or Radman

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