New Space Design – Architect & Landscape Architect

New Space Design, an architectural and landscape design firm in Atlanta, is devoted to everyday projects in which economy and building permitting are the most overwhelming concern. Our design services are cost effective and time saving.  Here’s how:

1. Each owner/designer is personally engaged in all phases of the design process, from concept design to drafting.  The structure of our design team is therefore optimally streamlined  and our overhead is  minimized.

2. Each designer performs design and drafting directly on their computer. We may sit down with a restaurant owner to have a first-time meeting.  Two-hours later, the floor plan of a restaurant will be perfected right in the meeting,  completed directly in the computer and in the format of the final construction documents.

3. We recognize the minimum purpose of the drawings that a client is expecting, do the minimum, and let our fee reflect it. While we love to take the time and fee to produce documents that cover everything, as seen in traditional design-for-bid projects, we are happy to produce documents that meet the minimum required to permit officials, contractors, and owners, as seen in design/build projects. Our drawings shoot the point, are right on the money, and do no more and no less.

Our way of working ensures our success.

People from many different states come to us for our work.  The president of New Space Design, Zhi (Jay) Feng, currently maintains architect licenses and offers his services in the following 16 states: Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Arkansas, Virginia, Texas, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New York.  We look forward to venturing into new states as demand calls for it.