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Industry Says ‘Meh’ To DoD Cislunar Space Push

At the moment, industry sources say, there is no money to be had for developing systems for DoD’s cislunar operations.

By  Air & Space Forces Add Cyber To All-Domain Ops Data Library

“Data is key to space. It’s critical to all-domain operations; it’s a centerpiece to it all,” says Maj. Gen. Kim Crider.

By  Spacepower Is ‘Catastrophically Decisive’ In War: New Space Force Doctrine

“Because military spacepower has the potential to be the difference between victory and defeat, it must be viewed with equal importance as military power in any other domain,” the Spacepower Capstone Publication says.

By  GPS Anti-Jam M-Code Takes Two Steps Forward

Once 24 GPS III satellites are on orbit, the encrypted M-Code for military users will be available world wide.

By  AFRL’s First WARTECH Summit To Vet Cutting-Edge Tech

“It’s gonna hurt a little bit,” said new AFRL Commander Brig. Gen. Heather Pringle. “We can’t do everything — we don’t have the budget to do everything under the sun.”

By  DoD Needs Plans To Protect Commercial Space Industry, Says New Study

“Our mission in the Space Force will become to protect that commerce, and I like to talk about it in terms of protecting the ‘celestial lines of commerce,’ or the space lines of commerce,” says Col. Eric Felt, head of the Space Vehicles Directorate at Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).

By  Space War: US To Meet With Russia; Rolls Out Warfighting Doctrine

For the first time in seven years, the US and Russia will formally meet to discuss norms of behavior in space — even as both nations build capability for war in the heavens.

By  AFMC Tests New Software To Speed F-16 Upgrades

“I’ve been a huge proponent for colorless money,” says AFMC head Gen. Arnold Bunch.

By  New Iranian Missile Could Strike Central Europe: Analysis

On the 22nd of April, Iran surprised the world by successfully launching the Noor satellite, using a previously unknown Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV) which they call Qased. The US Space Force confirmed that Noor reached orbit, together with a second object, assessed as the spent upper stage. A detailed analysis of the Qased, based on…

By  SASC Wants Alternative GPS By 2023

“I think this shows that the committee is taking the jamming and spoofing threats to GPS seriously, and it is prompting DoD to focus its efforts on countering these threats,” Todd Harrison, director of the Defense Aerospace Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, says.

By  House Strategic Forces Fences Space Force, SDA, GPS Funds

“The committee is concerned that the SDA is not positioned to execute its mission in an effective manner” and is not “equipped to focus on the many priorities it has set,” the Strategic Forces Subcommittee asserts.

By  SDA To Rent Commercial Ground Stations

SDA Director Derek Tournear, and his boss Mike Griffin, want to delay SDA’s integration with Space Force until after 2023.

By  DoD Space Strategy Focuses On Allies, Commercial; Where Was Intel Community?

“This is a just a DoD product. The 2011 National Security Space Strategy was very much a DoD-IC product,” one baffled national space security insider said.

By  AFRL Targets Space Ops In New Orbits

“You would basically have a Link 16 capability everywhere, all the time, all over the world, and that is pretty powerful enabler to our warfighters,” Felt said of AFRL’s XVI project to equip LEO sats with Link 16.


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