Unique Monster (XC2)

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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Unique Monsters (Japanese: ユニークモンスター, yunīku monsutā) are enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country. They have higher stats and potentially unique skills — similar to minibosses or superbosses in other games. Unique Monsters have unique names and there is only one of each of these monsters in the world. They can be identified by a crest behind their field icon. There are 85 Unique Monsters, 8 of them are Superbosses that are above level 99, and one is also a quest-exclusive boss, Relentless Arduran.

Unlike their counterparts in previous games, Unique Monsters in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 do not automatically respawn after defeat. However, once defeated or sent into a bottomless pit, a named tombstone will be erected where the Unique Monster was previously located. If the player interacts with the tombstone, they will be given the option to resurrect and rebattle the Unique Monster if they so choose. Additionally, if a Unique Monster is defeated, a triumphant postlude will briefly play, and dialogue between party members will occur.

Unique Monsters also appear in Torna ~ The Golden Country, where they act the same as they do in the main game. There are 20 Unique Monsters, with 4 of them being classified as Golden Monsters.

The track “Those Who Stand Against Our Path” will play when fighting a unique monster in Gormott Province, the Kingdom of Uraya, or the Kingdom of Torna, while the track “You Will Recall Our Names” will play when fighting a Unique Monster in any other nation or region. If either Shulk or Fiora is engaged in the party and ‘Special BGM’ is enabled in the game settings, “You Will Know Our Names” will play instead, and if Elma is engaged in the party and ‘Special BGM’ is enabled in the game settings, “Uncontrollable” will play instead.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

List of Unique Monsters

Name Level Species Nation Location Spawntime
Acute Melvyn 25 Tirkin Gormott Province Boulderbore Gate Anytime
Anguished Solomon 28 Piranhax Gormott Province Coolley Lake Rain/thunderstorm
Antecedent Xiaxia 99 Blade Bot Empire of Mor Ardain Old Factory Final Chapter
Armored Brennan 86 Ropl (Driver) Empire of Mor Ardain Chansagh Wastes Anytime
Artifice Ophion 117 Artifice Cliffs of Morytha Gotrock Oracle Ruins Final Chapter
Atrocious Hermes 58 Igna (Driver) Temperantia Bastion of Varrac Anytime
Autumn-Shower Melvin 46 Driver Kingdom of Tantal Lumos Pillar Nighttime after Spring-Shower Elliott has been defeated
Azure Reginald 41 Lexos Kingdom of Uraya Coralline Sanctum Clear/Cloudy
Beast-Hunter William 99 Driver Kingdom of Uraya Olethro Playhouse Final Chapter, after Farewell, Good Friend
Blue-Eyed Korbin 42 Volff Kingdom of Tantal Amphoret Pillar Snow
Chickenheart Dagmara 120 Pippito Empire of Mor Ardain Industrial Zone, Upper Duct Final Chapter
Climactic Honnold 45 Urchon Leftherian Archipelago Isle of Urchon Anytime
Cloud Sea King Ken 110 Squood Kingdom of Tantal Genbu Drifts Ether Mist, Final Chapter
Confiscator Jimmy 38 Jagron (Driver) Leftherian Archipelago Daram Isle Anytime
Crimson Derrick 58 Taos Cliffs of Morytha Cape O-uru Anytime
Cunning Saggie 24 Skwaror Kingdom of Uraya Minnet Terrace Anytime
Decapitator Marvin 33 Igna Empire of Mor Ardain Old City of Teddim Anytime
Dedicated Conroy 51 Tirkin Kingdom of Tantal Tirkinlandia Anytime
Deep-Green Oscar 41 Ellook Kingdom of Tantal Sacred Ice Caverns Nighttime
Demon King Gilbert 80 Igna Kingdom of Uraya Badfella’s Cave Fort Anytime
Demon-Shell Jacob 30 Crustip Empire of Mor Ardain Fief of Forgetfulness Anytime
Enlightened Morris 42 Pippito Kingdom of Tantal Pippito’s Haunt Anytime
Epicurean Ligia 48 Lysaat (Driver) Leftherian Archipelago Lud Cloudway Anytime
Evileye Mambor 54+ Aspar (Driver) Cliffs of Morytha Path of the Believer Anytime
Excavator Darius 46 Grebel Spirit Crucible Elpys Underground River Lavi Anytime
Gladiator Orion 100 Driver Cliffs of Morytha Hallowed Godswood Shrine Anytime
Glamorous Alfred 50 Arachno Spirit Crucible Elpys Chamber of Offering Anytime
Grievous Clive 94 Jagron Temperantia Jagron’s Citadel Anytime
Hard-Bitten Xavier 48 Urchon (Driver) Spirit Crucible Elpys Elpys Great Hall Anytime
Haywire Kustal 60 Sovereign World Tree Nuclear Dump Facility Anytime
Haywire Phoebus 66 Sovereign World Tree 7th Perimeter Defense Post Anytime
Haywire Radclyffe 58 Sovereign World Tree Sky Bridge Anytime
Heroic Edwin 44 Garlus Kingdom of Tantal Pillar City Ruins Anytime
Holy Lancer Efrain 51 Marrin Spirit Crucible Elpys Chamber of Pillars Anytime
Howitzer Leon 48 Gyanna Kingdom of Uraya Old Quarry Anytime
Immovable Gonzalez 90 Gogol Gormott Province Nocclia Woods Anytime
Impassable Edgar 60 Garlus Kingdom of Tantal Declessa Altar Hill Anytime
Implacable Dylan 23 Riik Kingdom of Uraya Acid Gullet Anytime
Incandescent Marcus 54 Plambus Kingdom of Tantal Pillar City Ruins Anytime
Insectivore Malcom 75 Vang Gormott Province Coolley Lake Clear/Cloudy
Jadeite Polly 38 Grady Leftherian Archipelago Baldotas Isle Aurora
Judicial Kollin 33 Igna Empire of Mor Ardain Delizé’s Infirmary Anytime
Leonine Sadie 95 Sauros Temperantia Titan Weapon Dig Site Anytime
Machine-Gun Julio 53 Ansel Cliffs of Morytha Morytha Falls Anytime
Malicious Dimitri 57 Guldo Land of Morytha Evacuation Center Anytime
Man-Eating Glenn 32 Griffox Empire of Mor Ardain Jelidorend Highlands Anytime
Martial Kamron 23 Driver Kingdom of Uraya Stone Gate Ruins Anytime
Mk. VI Familion 62 Sovereign World Tree Lv. 2, Mizar: Central Deck Anytime
Mk. VI Gerolf 66 Sovereign World Tree Alioth, Elevator #3 Anytime
Mk. VI Margot 64 Sovereign World Tree Data Processing Room Anytime
Mk. VII Arek 114 Sovereign World Tree Lv. 4, Megrez Final Chapter
Moonlighting Elwyn 8 Bunnit Gormott Province Plains of Evening Calm Anytime
Muscley Damian 43 Buloofo Kingdom of Tantal Sanguinous Grotto Anytime
Myrmidon Eugene 33 Driver Empire of Mor Ardain Eggle Jetty (Abandoned) Anytime
Nitpicking Beru 27 Driver Gormott Province Solitary Block #2 Anytime
Parasite Aplacus 58 Parisax Land of Morytha Decaying Titan Anytime
Peerless Beaufort 49 Crustip Leftherian Archipelago Isle of Sleeping Remains Anytime
Pernicious Benf 109 Behemoth Temperantia Aegishammer Final Chapter
Perplexed Stoyan 47 Serprond Leftherian Archipelago Little Garden of Tradition Anytime
Praetorian Argus 65 Indoline Loyalist World Tree 7th Perimeter Skyport Anytime
Praetorian Medea 66 Indoline Loyalist World Tree 7th Perimeter Skyport Anytime
Rapturous Scandia 48 Taos Leftherian Archipelago Godsford Isle Anytime
Ravenwing Skull 62 Ageshu Temperantia Xataris Spring Anytime
Reeking Douglas 104 Skwaror Gormott Province Brigands’ Hideout Final Chapter
Relentless Arduran 99 Ardun Gormott Province Kloom Farm After raising Pekka‘s Ardun
Remorseful Vaclav 14 Ardainian Soldier Gormott Province Solitary Block #1 Anytime
Runaway Train Bool 55 Garlus (Driver) Temperantia Ardainian Garrison Anytime
Sad Bernard 12 Feris Gormott Province Garanti Plain Anytime
Skyfist Remington 39 Driver Leftherian Archipelago Ysheva Harbor Anytime
Slasher Buffon 40 Anlood (Driver) Empire of Mor Ardain Mine No. 2 Entrance Clear, Cloudy
Sniping Brent 18 Rhogul Gormott Province Melnath’s Shoulder Clear/Cloudy
Soothsayer Gerald 78 Ellook Kingdom of Uraya Loska’s Gap Petal Rain (Night)
Soul-Eater Stanley 56 Guldo Land of Morytha Collapsed Roadway Anytime
Spellbinder Billy 46 Peng Kingdom of Tantal Genbu Drifts Snowfall
Spring-Shower Elliott 42 Driver Kingdom of Tantal Lumos Pillar Anytime
Supercharged Alfonso 20 Garaffa Gormott Province Masrah Spring Low Tide
Tattooed Hugo 31 Rhogul Empire of Mor Ardain Mine Elevator Clear, Cloudy, Sandstorm
Territorial Rotbart 81 Gogol Gormott Province Plains of Evening Calm Anytime
Tyrannotitan Kurodil 130 Titan Temperantia Profaned Place Anytime (Unsealed with Field Skills)
Unflinching Saxton 99 Driver Empire of Mor Ardain Work Observation Tower Final Chapter
Vagrant Baldr 62 Brionac Empire of Mor Ardain Brionac Occupied Zone Anytime
Vampire Bride Marion 65 Parisax Kingdom of Uraya Dragon’s Stomach Anytime
Venal Montgomery 45 Brog Gormott Province Coolley Lake Anytime
Vile Howard 47 Blant Spirit Crucible Elpys Wonder Spring Plaza Ruins Anytime
Walker Trap 26 Blant (Driver) Kingdom of Uraya Farlaine Wells Anytime

※ Relentless Arduran is considered both as a quest-exclusive Boss and a Unique Monster.

Torna ~ The Golden Country

List of Unique Monsters

Golden Monsters

Golden Monsters are four particularly powerful Unique Monsters in Torna ~ The Golden Country. To encounter them, the player must first purchase their information from the Nopon Halfsage at variable cost.

List of Golden Monsters