Rare Metals For Sale – Osmium, Ruthenium, Rhenium, Iridium, Tungsten..

Welcome to Rare World Metals Mint!

If you are a precious metals enthusiast then you probably already own coins, bars and ingots of silver and gold. Maybe even platinum, palladium and rhodium have found their way into your safe? But how about indium, scandium, or tellurium? Did you ever think you could also own iridium, ruthenium and osmium? These are among the most rare and precious metals in the world and most can be had in our one troy ounce ingot form for well less than the cost of a single ounce of gold! We have procured and are very proud to offer a diverse collection of one troy ounce elemental metal ingots and we’d bet you’ve never heard of over half of them! So break out your pocket protector, click on our periodic table page and let’s journey back in time to your high school chemistry class. If there is something you’ve been missing in the years since, we may just have it. Own what’s rare!