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With daily plan you can send and receive messages through the satellite network using your inReach Explorer.

Make sure list the dates you wish to have your inReach active and to purchase the right amount of days you wish the inReach to be active.

Price is $1.95 per day.

Getting Away From It All Is Only Great If You Get Back.

The world's first satellite communicator with built-in navigation. Navigate, create waypoints, log your trip and find your way back. Send and receive text messages. Trigger an interactive SOS. Plan, track and share your journey. Pair it with your mobile device to access topographic maps and U.S. NOAA charts.

Global SOS

Trigger an SOS in an emergency and have a two-way text conversation with GEOS, the 24/7 search and rescue monitering center. With inReach, you will know that your SOS alert has been received and help is on the way with message confirmation. GEOS works with local authorities to coordinate the proper response. GEOS will communicate with you, keeping you informed of ETA as well as staying up on the current situation. True peace of mind amidst a crisis.

Truly Global Coverage

The DeLorme inReach is powered by Iridium, which commands the world’s farthest-reaching commercial satellite constellation. Needless to say, you don’t want to gamble with your life on one-way networks, delays or coverage gaps. Oh, and it’s the only satellite network that provides complete global coverage and two-way communication.

The Complete inReach Experience: Plan. Go. Share.


Prepare for your adventure in advance on the Explore portal. Create multiple color-coded routes and waypoints ahead of time. Load contacts for easy, quick messaging, create preset messages and link to your social media accounts. With exclusive access to our Earthmate mobile app, download free topo maps and U.S. NOAA charts to your mobile device.

Draw routes and drop waypoints.


Send and receive text messages, enable tracking and transmit your location anywhere from 10 minutes to 4 hours. In an emergency, trigger an interactive SOS. Pair with your mobile device to use the Earthmate mobile app. Navigate and view or create waypoints and routes. View key trip statistics, including trip distance, maximum speed, moving average and an odometer. Find your way back with a detailed breadcrumb trail.


Give family or friends peace of mind by sharing your journey via MapShare. Trip details include GPS coordinates, course, elevation and speed. Allow others to ping your inReach for your location information. Exchange messages with others via MapShare. Embed your MapShare on websites, blogs and social media. Share your planned route, actual tracks, and waypoints.


Only inReach users get free access to our Earthmate app in paired mode with a smartphone or tablet. Earthmate includes unlimited topographic map and U.S. NOAA chart downloads and allows you to conveniently use all of the inReach features on your mobile device.

Key Features

Send and Receive Text Messages

Send and receive 160-character text messages with GPS coordinates to cell numbers or email addresses worldwide and post updates to social media. 100% global coverage through Iridium.

Trigger an Interactive SOS

Trigger an SOS, receive a delivery confirmation, and communicate back and forth with our 24/7 search and rescue monitoring center, customizing the help you need.

GPS Navigation

Create or view a route, drop waypoints, see your tracks, and navigate with the on-screen map view. View route details such as distance and bearing to destination.

Digital Compass

Equipped with a digital compass, barometric altimeter and accelerometer.

inReach Explorer inReach SE
Navigation Features (Digital Compass, Track Logging, Detailed Trip Stats) No
Waypoint Creation & Sharing No
Route Planning & Sharing No
100% Global Coverage
Two-Way Text Messaging (160 Characters)
Two-Way Global SOS
Message Delivery Confirmation
Location Pinging
GPS Tracking, Sharing and Pinging
Message Delivery Confirmation
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