ACSM Fitness Trends

Health/Wellness is a growing trend to integrate behavioral science into health promotion and lifestyle medicine programs. Health/Wellness coaching uses a one-on-one (and at times small group) approach with the coach providing support, goal setting, guidance, and encouragement. The health/ wellness coach focuses on the client’s values, needs, vision, and short- and long-term goals using behavior change intervention strategies. Previous surveys included wellness coaching, but for the 2019 survey, the term “health” was added, which better describes the trend. Wellness coaching has been in the top 20 trends since 2010.



CEC Opportunities

  • Health & Wellness Coaching: Evidence and Practice by Gary Sforzo and Margaret Moore
    • Identify examples of health and wellness coaching research
    • Explain the status of health and wellness coaching research
    • List the four “C’s” of coaching practice
    • Provide examples of how coaching strategies might be applied in fitness and wellness settings