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With the appearance of compact, easy-to-use Very Small Aperture Terminal(VSAT), the rapid expansion of satellite-based internet connections, data communications and voice connections are gaining in popularity on a global scale.
There are only a few dedicated manufacturers of the components essential for the functioning of these VSATs: NJR. In fact, NJR’s microwave components such as LNBs(low-noise block downconverters) and BUCs(block upconverters) boast top share of the world market.
VSATs are used for various purposes. In the distribution industry they facilitate stock management and enable simultaneous broadcasting of promotional videos to stores; in the financial industry, they provide secure communications for confidential information; and in the oil industry, they are by used major companies for monitoring crude volume of wells around the world.
What is most conspicuous is the growth in VSAT use for ships and aircraft. From luxury liners to cruisers, fishing boats and passenger planes, VSATs are increasingly being used to provide a permanent broadband connection.
NJR are supplying product lineup covering from C-band to Ka-band frequencies, larger than the offerings of any other manufacturer, as playing a key role in these VSAT applications, and are a key player in the expanding business of satellite communications.

Satellite communications represent an essential part of the communications infrastructure on which daily life is depended, along with fiber-optic links, ADSL and other terrestrial communications. Also essential is first-class reliability in order perfectly to avoid any interruption to these communications. NJR is contributing to improving the reliability of VSATs by supplying high-quality components that ensure stable operation over a long period without failing.
VSATs can be found everywhere – from cold climates and highlands to tropical rain forests, deserts, and even offshore. Microwave components of VSATs must be designed and manufactured under condition with being able to offer stable operation over the long term on the consideration to be used in harsh environments. Maintenance-free engineering is particularly important for equipment on ocean-going vessels as repairs are not possible while a ship is at sea.
To satisfy these requirements, NJR makes maximum use of two basic technologies: microwaves and microelectronics. We also employ sophisticated manufacturing methods that cannot be imitated by other component manufacturers – such as direct mounting of bare-die semiconductors – to make high-quality, durable products.
Over the years we have built up an enviable track record and manufacturers of assembled products around the world value the reliability and robustness of NJR’s microwave components. We are committed to meeting those expectations while striving to satisfy the market’s demands for greater miniaturization, reduced power consumption, and lower costs.

The world market for satellite communications is growing fast: it is estimated that capacity will increase by 10 to 20 times in the next 5 to 10 years. In parallel with this, there is also going to be a transformation in the types of users – from a small number of government agencies and major companies, the user base will expand to include consumers. It is believed that increased adoption of BCPs (business continuity plans) will also result in more small- and medium-size enterprises making use of satellite communications.
As the business partner of many manufacturers of assembled products, NJR will support product development aimed at these new users.
An increasing number of locations are now using satellite communications. Examples are remote islands, where it is difficult to upgrade terrestrial communications infrastructure, and provincial towns in which investment has not kept up with demand. With NJR’s wide lineup of products that meet various needs, we are facilitating the construction of this new communications infrastructure in regions and countries throughout the world.
In an innovative experiment, work has begun on the development of a VSAT much smaller than those on ships and aircraft. Intended for vehicle installation, it uses NJR’s microwave components.
Moving toward 2020, there has been a rapid increase around the world in low-orbit satellite projects. Drawing on the considerable trust and track record that NJR has achieved as the world’s No.1 manufacturer of satellite-related components, we will continue to play a key role in the evolution of global communications.